Aiming for a 100% customer satisfaction, Trio is working with a team well educated, experienced and specialized from offices in İstanbul, Bodrum and Göcek.

The team of 30 consists of directors and engineers who are graduates of Yıldız Technical University and İstanbul Technical University. Our technicians have an average of 10 years industry-experience.

Education and certificates Trio Tech team possesses:

  • Hanse University – Germany
  • C-Zone Master Dealer Training – Germany
  • Sessa Marine Dealer University – Italy
  • Hybrid Propulsion Training – Slovenia
  • Composite Material Processing Training
  • Mercury First Level Technician
  • Whisper Power Generator Training
  • Simrad B&G Master Dealer Training
  • AWLGrip Practice Training
  • Propspeed Practice Training
  • Advanced Occupational Health and Safety Trainings
  • CMAS – Scuba diving certificate


Trio Tech team will work with complete personnel and focus, starting by the time your boat arrives to the delivery area. Refined processes are followed under the light of years of experience.

Steps of an example boat delivery process:

  • Completion of customs processes and the official delivery
  • Inventory check
  • For sailboats; rigging and keel mounting
  • Application of anti-fouling paint (sanding-priming-finishing layer)
  • Tests and controls before boat is taken on to the water
  • Tests and controls on the sea
  • Starting the guarantee with authorized service- First settings for the engine, generator (if exists) and navigation electronics
  • Detailed cleaning
  • Orientation with the boat owner, cruising, and handover


You can purchase all extra accessories with Trio assurance and guarantee.

This way, all after-sales mountings applied to your boat will be done by educated personnel who are trained by producer factory about the technical substructure.


Trio Tech team carries on after sales services included or excluded from warranty for boats approximately a 1000 in number. Our team offers their services at the boat’s location most of the time, with a calendar arranged according to the customers program.

Steps of an example service process:

  • Receiving Claims - The owner or the captain of the boat shall notify the Shipbuilding Engineers in the Trio Tech team verbally or by writing.
  • Diagnostics - Origin of the problem is searched, and located in place if needed. Decision is made of whether it is covered by warranty or not.
  • Proposal - Written proposal that includes the most suitable solution, original equipment, and specialized labor is given to the boat owner.
  • Problem solving - The most suitable technician gets assigned to the project with necessary equipment.
  • Reporting – After the completion of the work, a written report is given to the boat owner which includes photos.


Trio Tech follows your periodic and preventive maintenance tasks in a pro-active manner, with the motto of “We take care of your boat, you enjoy”.

Each boat’s periodical (annual) maintenance tasks are followed on behalf of the owner, proposals are made before they request, and then the owner is informed.

The company pioneers in the sector by including rigging, sailing, and tug-crane maintenance into the periodical maintenance.

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