About Us

About Us

Trio Deniz is Turkey’s leading yachting company which operates with the objective of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and providing best business practices in the industry.

Trio, is the auhorized representant of leading iconic brands as Sanlorenzo, Bluegame, Prestige, Jeanneau, Sacs, Ryck, Hanse, Moody and Excess which set the standards in yachting industry on a global scale.

Trio, which started its operations in Istanbul in 2005, where also its head office is established, continues to provide high quality service to yacht lovers on the southern coasts known as the center for Turkish yachting, with its offices and after-sales service points in Bodrum and Gocek.

Trio, which has been successfully fulfilled for many years the duties of sales and after-sales services of world-renowned brands, continues investing in the bare-boat charter sector which is an important part of sea and yacht tourism, with the Saysail brand it has brought to the sector in 2019.

Trio, which has adopted the goal of providing 100% customer satisfaction, serves yacht lovers at the highest standards with its competent staff of more than 100 people, consisting of industry's leading experienced names, expert engineers and technicians who strengthen their experience in their fields with international trainings.

The Message of The President


Dear Sea Lovers,

Trio Deniz, which adheres to its founding principles of "good faith, honesty and good morals" in every step; is Turkey's leading yachting company by realizing its goals of "applying the best business practices" and "providing 100 percent customer satisfaction" within the framework of these principles.

In the long-term collaborations we have established with all our stakeholders and partners, we adopt a philosophy of providing added value not only to our compnay, but to all of our clients, our business partners, the brands we represent, and our country.

From the very beginning, we have seen “sales” and “after-sales services” as a whole and built our entire corporate structure and culture accordingly, and created a unique and permanent bond with our customers based on trust. The fact that we always stand behind our products by offering products we trust, has brought Trio Deniz to a privileged position in the Turkish boating community.

While expanding our commercial capacity with the investments we made to better serve our customers, we also created a structure where we can communicate with them faster and more continuously with the innovations and initiatives we made in the digital field: Our customers can reach us whenever they need.

We have a strong team consisting of the most equipped and experienced engineers in the industry, technicians who have gained their expertise with years of experience and improved with up-to-date trainings, and professionals who are experts in their fields.

We offer a wide range of options to a wide mass of boaters, with all the worldwide respected brands those we are representing, and for which we have a privileged position among all their dealers thank to our outstanding peformances in the fields of sales and after-sales.

In addition to our commercial activities, we develop social responsibility projects with the awareness of our responsibilities towards the society we live in.

With our effective management, expert team, strong brands, innovative approach and efficient business model, we aim to maintain our leading company character, while expanding our fields of activity by continuing to grow successfully without leaving our basic moral principles.

The Team

As Turkey's leading yachting company, Trio Deniz operates with a team consisted of the country's most competent sales representatives, the best engineers, the most experienced expert technicians, and the most talented captains.

Every single Trio member is selected from professionals who are fully equipped with all necessary knowledge required to fulfill their responsabilities and has proven her/his success, no matter what is their position in the organizational structure. Our teammates in all key positions can fluently speak at least one foreign languages such as English, German, Italian, and French.

Women and men in the Trio Deniz team, where are excluded all kinds of discrimination as primary principle, are gathered around a common passion for the sea and boating. They all assimilates the concepts of "Truthfulness", "Goodwill" and "Good Morals", which are the sublime values establishing the main doctrine on which relies the TRİO philosphy set by the Chairman Murat Bekiroğlu, and help them to apply the best professional business practices without losing enthusiasm, with a great harmony.

Each employee at Trio Deniz becomes an integral and valuable part of a unique and robust organic structure that is strengthened and works in harmony with the synergy achieved, by putting all individual successes at the service of the collective benefit in order to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction in the yachting and boating industry.


Murat Bekiroğlu

Founder and Chairman

Deniz Özçakır

Director of Sales and Marketing

Akbulut Kahraman

Regional Director / Aegean

Sedat Çelik

Director of Finance and Administration

Mehmet Faiz Barlas

After Sales Services Director

Anıl Aycan

Senior Sales Manager

Şükran Çetin Demir

Executive Assistant

Nalan Okuyucu

Senior Sales Manager

Efe Bilir

Sales Manager & Captain

Serap Yılmaz

Accounting Manager

Kaan Sayman

Project Manager

Veli Esen

Technical Manager

Çağatay Ilgaz

Bodrum Regional Chief

Cevaydın Özgür

Deputy Technical Manager

Emre Şenses

Senior Foreign Trade and Logistics Specialist

Süralp Kuşoğlu

Senior Marketing & PR Specialist

Eda Çeken

Digital Marketing Specialist

Cüneyt Beşikkaya

Human Resource & Administration Manager

Salih Küçükoğlu

Sales Representative

İrem Taşçı

Sales Representative

Efe Demirel

Sales Specialist

Can Deniz Altuntaş

Sales Representative

Didem Demirsaran

Sales Support Specialist

Serkan Turan

Fleet & After Sales Executive

Oğuz Genç

After Sales Specialist

Görkem Karaman

After Sales Specialist & Project Engineer

Buğra Taştan

After Sales Specialist

Selen Yalçın

After Sales Assistant

Doğancan Uluyüz

After Sales Specialist

Sonay Şengün

Accounting Executive

Hilal Deniz

Finance Specialist

Menşure Dilek Kaya

Accounting Specialist

Ece Bilir

Financial Accounting Assistant

Kerem Altaylar

Procurement Specialist

Emel Candan Kocaman

Bodrum Front Office Representative

Larysa Gökçen

Göcek Administrative Tasks

Satılmış Özkan

Administrative Tasks

Pelin Erdönmez

Administrative Tasks Assistant

Banu Özkan

Administrative Tasks Assistant

Nazife Kaygusuz

Administrative Tasks Assistant

Sercan Cansever


İbrahim Yüzseven


Vahdi Şahan

Bodrum Supervisor

Serdal Ayan

Göcek Supervisor

Gökhan Keyvan


Recep Yıldız


Burak Yalçın


Hacıbey Kırlak


Özgür Özdemir


Halil Birbilen


Osman Özcan


Serdar Gani


Barbaros Uzun


Anıl Ergen


Oğuz Dündar


Büksen Ertem


Ulaş Doğan


Burak Kurt


Okan Basçılar


Ergin Demirel


Erhan Karataş


Kaan Çakıröz


Ali Akçay


Ufuk Alkan


Halil İbrahim Altaş


Arif Bektaş


Batuhan Işık

After Sales Specialist

Özlem Arıkan

Maintenance and Cleaning Staff

Rıdvan Gün


Mustafa Çelik


Gürkan Korkmaz


Onur Güneşer


Hazım Mısırlı


Murat Düğdü


Belemir Sultan Oruç

Stewardess and Service Officer

Nezir Sain


Mehmet Yıldız


Kadir Efe Ün


Hasan Çınar



Trio Selected "Dealer of the Year" 5th Consecutive Year

Social Responsibility

Sharing is caring. With a bold understanding of solidarity and the belief that together we can achieve better, we share our sources wherever we feel that we have the ability to make a difference. Starting by the society we live in, we crave for contributing to the greater interest wherever we can reach, with a great respect and sense of responsibility towards our country, humanity, environment and the world.